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You’ve probably not heard of SARMs. It is an acronym for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators” and these are basically an alternative for steroids, since steroids have been known to be harmful to those who use them. In comparison to traditional steroids, SARMs yield similar results without any the harmful side effects.


NRC offers the only organic broad spectrum CBD oil imported directly from USA available in South Africa today. Our CBD products are THC free and provide a host of health benefits.


Why we’re famous


Our products are directly imported from the best suppliers in the US.


Our products are double strength and more affordable than those of our competitors.


Our products go through stringent quality testing.


With years of experience in the industry we can offer you sound advice.

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Client Testimonials

I have struggled anxiety all my life. Since using NRC BIO’s CBD oil I have not experienced anxiety. Really a great product, I cannot recommend it enough for those struggling with anxiety. Thomas Hill

I’ve been using Cardarine  for 3 weeks and my stamina and endurance have increased tremendously. I can gym harder and for longer periods, while doing weight training in the mornings and boxing in the afternoons. My trainer could see  change immediately because he made my programme harder. Elize Venter

I’ve been using the MK-677 for 2 weeks now, and already picked up 2kg of amazing lean muscle. My shoulders and arms have already increased in size. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking lean muscle growth without any side effects. Shane Cordier


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