Every Tuesday we’ll be bringing you first hand accounts of how our products have helped individuals reach their fitness goals. Today’s testimonial comes from our very own Elize Venter, who has been using Cardarine.

Elize writes.

I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks and my stamina and endurance have increased tremendously. I can gym harder and for longer periods, while doing weight training in the mornings and boxing in the afternoons. I’ve exercised the intense training with my trainer / Coach and he could see the difference immediately because he made my programme harder… HITT exercise is not for sissies!!!!


With glutes exercises three times a week, I could feel my glutes getting harder. SARMs are definitely a product to use for stamina and endurance. I would recommend this product and I give it a thumbs up for all potential customers who are looking for stamina and endurance.


I am 45 and have been training all my life never experienced a more effective supplement


Thank you NRC.BIO

Elize is a fitness fanatic from Secunda, you can follow her on Facebook and she is always willing to give great advice.

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