Every Tuesday we’ll be bringing you first hand accounts of how our products have helped individuals reach their fitness goals. Today’s testimonial comes from our very own Pieter Bronkhorst who has been using LGD-4033.

Pieter writes.

I found my love for kickboxing in 1999. In 2013 I broke away from my club due to conflict between me and my coach and started coaching myself as well as 2 other athletes. In October (of that year) I suffered a stroke (my second) during my sleep. I went through numerous tests and doctors discovered a hole in my heart and my kickboxing career was cut short because my cardiologist advised against any contact sport.


I then took up road running for about two years, but it wasn’t for me. I met a girl in Pretoria and she competed in bodybuilding who introduced me to the sport. Sooner than later I wanted to start using “gear” (slang for steroids) but had to consult my cardiologist first who gave me the okay.


The girl who introduced me to bodybuilding (who I had stared seeing) and I broke up and I started competing in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). I had a coach and was on a lot of gear and I competed twice. Eventually I had to go through post cycle therapy (to recover from prolonged steroid use) which cost a lot of time and money.


After a month of PCT  I needed something to help me with bulking. Using gear again wasn’t an option due to the use of needless and the price associated with him.


It was then that I met the friendly folks running NRC who introduced me to SARMS. At the time  I knew nothing about SARMS as  gear had always been my go to.  I received  a sample of Ligandrol (LGD-4033) and started using it…

…And how uninformed was I about SARMS.

Today (17/11/18) marks the second week of my use of Ligandrol.

It the 2 weeks using LGD I have gained 5kg of lean mass.

I now believe in SARMs.

Pieter will be competing next year, you can follow him on Facebook to see how he progresses towards his fitness goals.

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